We need to relieve ourselves!

12 Mar

Taken advantage of, bullied, ripped off, lied to…

From small towns to gigantic cities, from coast to coast in North America, we’re being tricked, we’re being laughed at, and our money is being stolen. No, I’m not referring to another stock market scam or some type of identity theft scheme, I’m talking about an obvious fact that people are afraid to talk out about in fear of being humiliated – This fact, of course, is that at one time or another, many of us has been a victim of the pariah’s in the corrupt laxative industry.

Unfortunately, digestive regularity is an issue that many of us deal with. When the issue becomes a concern, we become desperate and have no choice but to invest in a costly over-the-counter remedy in hopes of putting an end to our extreme constipation. While we’re going through the embarrassment of asking family members to leave the home so we can purge our bowels in peace, CEO’s at the world’s top laxative companies are coming up with new and elaborate ways to market their products. We’re assured that these expensive laxatives will relieve our constipation, only to find out a few hours later than we’re still in the exact same position, or in some cases, even worse.

No thanks to the deception of laxative companies, millions of bathrooms around the world remain vacant.
No thanks to the deception of laxative companies, millions
of bathrooms around the world remain vacant.

I for one am sick of being a sucker, sitting at home wondering, “when is it going to happen”, while wealthy laxative company CEO’s are busy counting their millions on their yachts. Sure, there’s many repercussions to dealing with constipation, but being ripped off and made a total fool of shouldn’t be one of them.

How can someone offer a product that claims to be effective, that clearly isn’t, and still continue to make millions? It’s clear that us victims have been suffering in the shadows, ashamed to speak out, too timid to ask the manager of the local pharmacy for store credit in exchange for a laxative that did not work, and afraid to look in the eyes of arrogant pigs in the laxative industry and declare, “I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!”

The time to unite and stand up for our rights is now. It’s time stop being bullied by high powered laxative companies who have flat out lied to us for years. I’ve tested them all and the data is conclusive – they don’t work and we’re being ripped off! Constipation sufferers have been in the closet for too long and we need our voice to be heard!

Due to years, if not decades of corruption, we can’t trust the fancy laxatives that we’ve grown accustom to seeing in stores. They simply won’t relieve us. We need to take things into our own hands to relieve ourselves, both figuratively and literally, or face the consequences of being another mark for the laxative industry. It’s time for them to stop getting away with this, and if we won’t do it for ourselves, we should at least do it for the next generation.

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