Locker Room Culture

24 Oct

I declined when the man in the sauna at the YMCA offered me a cream pie, as I wasn’t in the mood for dessert… I then realized he meant something entirely different and things became awkward…

This, unfortunately, isn’t as uncommon of a situation as some may think, as many men have been on the receiving end of a vulgar and unprovoked sexual advance while in a gym or pool locker room. There’s something about a men’s locker room where traditional human interaction can quickly be morphed into a haven for deviant behavior where confused men attempt to satisfy their perverted sexual appetites. As I’ve stated many times in the past, I consider myself to be a gay friendly heterosexual, and support a gay or bi-sexual man’s right to pursue provocative sexual encounters, but some lines should not be crossed. I understand that these lines can be blurred while in a locker room environment, where nudity is prevalent, but being on the receiving end of a cream pie offer while trying to relax following my workout makes me believe that locker room culture must change.

I realize that the majority of men in gym locker rooms aren’t there to ogle other men and participate in illicit sexual acts in a secluded steam room, but even something as innocent as general nudity has gone too far.


Why is it socially acceptable for a nude man to take a leisurely stroll through a locker room, with his genitals clearly on display? Speaking on behalf of the younger generation, it seems to be mostly older men who feel the freedom to causally flaunt their flaccid penises and poorly groomed pubic hair. Most younger men on the other hand, travel from shower to locker with a towel around their waste, quickly dry off, then change, all while making a conscious effort to not expose their privates to innocent strangers. This gives me hope that as the decades pass, today’s younger generation will bring their attitude about proper locker room conduct with them, and we will no longer be subjected to the unpleasant sight of the scrotum of the older man who you once discussed the weather with.

To be clear, as an open minded person I have no issue with the freedom associated with being nude, but in an all male environment – NO THANKS! Until the younger generation grows into the older generation, there’s very little we can do to combat distasteful locker room behavior that many have come to accept. Whether it’s an inappropriate sex act or lewd, unabashed nudity, it appears as if the ‘behind closed doors’ attitude towards locker room culture is just something we have to live with.

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