69ing – a laughing matter or a relevant sexual activity?

7 Dec

Even the most sexually mature individuals among us can’t help but laugh uncontrollably when the number 69 appears or is mentioned. We often hear many jokes about the 69er and see it depicted from time to time in pornography films, but is it as common as we’re led to believe?

Some would argue that although comical, it’s not a natural sexual position, while others would counter that it’s a fun way for two sexual partners to simultaneously pleasure each other.

Like many popular debate topics, there’s valid points made by each side. I for one believe that not only is the 69er hilarious on many different levels, but it can and should be a position that couples make part of their sexual repertoire.

I admit that jumping into the 69er position unprepared can cause lots of strain on one’s neck. Getting accustom to the proper 69 positioning can take time, but by working together, partners can make the 69er a fun and very pleasurable part of their sex position rotation.

My advice to all consensual sex having adults is to have an open mind about the 69er and to never hesitate to laugh at a 69er joke.


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