Are pubic hair trends still a trend?

3 Dec

There are countless ways to express yourself in a sexual manner. One of the more popular ways is by getting creative with your pubic hair. Some groom theirs for comfort, while others will style theirs to impress a lover.

At the turn of the century, going bare was all the rage. While individuals in my demographic have likely carried this trend forward, it doesn’t exactly mean the new generation of consensual sex having pubic hair growers are following in our footsteps.

Pornography from the 70’s (one of my favorite era’s) indicates that grooming your pubic hair wasn’t a trend at all during that period. It was commonplace to let hair in the pubic region grow freely, so technically, not grooming your pubic hair was the trend at the time.

From studying lots of modern pornography and from recent sexual encounters with women from all walks of life, it’s hard to put a finger on what the current pubic hair trend is. From the traditional full grown bush, to strategically thought-out designs, and of course the sophisticated completely bare look, I’ve seen it all over the past few years.

Perhaps the trend now is to not be trendy at all. Have fun with your pubic hair, but don’t let it define you. Don’t feel pressure to imitate what you see in the movies or copy what you’re friends are doing.

Be free to express yourself, and always keep an open mind.


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