About me

Sex: I’m a male, and although I consider myself to be a gay friendly heterosexual, I’m only willing to engage in sexual relations with responsible females.

Employment Status: Currently working as somewhat of a freelance entrepreneur, doing chores and odd jobs for several senior citizens and an intellectually disabled gentleman in my neighborhood.

What I’m looking for: Open minded females who are willing to experiment on an intimate level. Preferably a car owner who is willing to drive me to my appointments and social engagements.

Likes: Attractiveness, car ownership, generosity, participating in activities, sports, experimenting with drugs and alcohol in a responsible and controlled manner, leisure time, being at an optimum level of hydration, properly groomed pubic regions, hamburgers, Native American folklore, vintage German pornography, songs.

Dislikes: Arson, extreme racism, Hawaiians, lineups, people employed in the railroad industry, sexually immature people that attempt to limit the rights of others to express themselves sexually, overly firm handshakes, strict masturbation policies, public washrooms.

Email: utxgent@gmail.com

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